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Radar News...April 1999

why look honey it's radar rose again
Greetings RoseHips Great n Small!

In this issue of the RoseHip Review:
        *       RADAR ROSE Merchandise UPDATE
        *       Radar Rose's current schedule
        *       Links to wonderful festivals and resorts.
        *       FAMILY ORIENTED Events (Yea!  Bring the kids!)
        *       TSHIRT & CD the first one who emails me back
with the
                correct answer to a HIDDEN question in this email.
                (Making sure you READ IT!!!!  Clever, aren't we?)

So, please don't delete me!  Read it over.  Save as NEW to read now and
 then.  Mark our dates down on your calendars!  We're looking forward to
another wonderful summer with you!  If you don't want this anymore, just email
me back and say UNSUBSCRIBE (but who would DO that?).  Also, if you get
more than one copy, just means I love you a lot and you live in
my computer in a lot of places!

TONITE!  Wednesday, April 21  Open Mic, Wit's End with your hosts "Ma &
Pa Rose", Jane and Sonny!  Go ahead and call me for a makes my
life easier

Friday,  April 23rd The Loft, Columbus, GA (706) 322-1623  We LOVE this club!!!!

Saturday April 24th Riverfest, Columbus, GA.  We go on at 7:45 PM Food Court Stage.  Lots
of great acts all weekend long.  Here's a cool link about Columbus, GA Columbus, Ga. - Historic

Then we're going to take a mini-vacation at the Florabama Club for a couple
of days.  It's the Mullet Toss Weekend.  Come see us Sunday nite!

Wednesday, April 28....Open Mic at the Wit's End with your hosts dON
and Anastasia.  Tune into this week's episode at 9 PM!

Thursday, April 29.....Songwriters-in-the-Round with J. T. White and
Jane Gabrielle and MORE!!  Starts at 9 PM at the Wit's End!  (540) 387-3539

Friday, April 30......Ma & Pa Rose at the Wit's End in Salem, VA  (540) 387-3539

Saturday, May 1st....RADAR ROSE at The BELLY OF THE BEAST in Salem,
VA....come celebrate "Doobie Day" with us and the rest of the world. If you
don't know what it is....go to your favorite search engine and type it in......10 PM  (540) 387-3539

Saturday, May 8:  (two gigs)....
12:30 PM at Cattle Annie's in Lynchburg,'s LIVESTOCK '99
WROV 96.3's annual throwdown!  9 Nationals, 6 Locals!  Blue Moon Boys
are back and so is Swamp Boogie Queen!  FREE!!!!!
WROV 96.3 FM presentsLIVESTOCK 1999

LATER in SALEM we'll be at the LOCH HAVEN MUSIC FESTIVAL.  15 bands,
children's stage, fishing, boating, tennis, FAMILY FUN!!!!!  Radar Rose
goes on at 8 PM just before the FIREWORKS!  It's Sat. May starts
at 9:30 AM and goes til the wee hours.  Jam Sessions, Symphony Creek, Phil
Norman, Murphy Blue, The Clayton Ellers Band, Curley Ennis and more.
For a full schedule and ticket info go to:   Tix:  $10

Wednesday, May 12....Open Mic in Salem, VA at the Wit's End....BUT Ma &
Pa Rose will be up a CLASS VI River Raft Resort in Fayetteville, WV  Come
see us!!!!

Friday and Saturday, May 14 and 15th:  Sam's Charleston, WV

May 27-31  Kerrville Folk Festival, Kerrville, TX

Friday, JUNE 4  BIG SHOW!!!!
Carnegie Hall, Lewisburg, WV.....Encrypted Records presents RADAR ROSE
and the Clayton Ellers starts at 9 PM.....come see us in this
fabulous concert venue.  Limited tix.  Get them at the Hobnobbery or
Alpha Music in Lewisburg OR by calling (540) 387-3539 for credit card sales.
(JOKE:  How do you get to Carnegie Hall?    ANSWER: Practice Man,

Saturday, June 5   Foster's , Beckley, WV

Thursday, June 10   James Center, 12:30 PM.....Richmond, VA

Friday, June 11....Sunset on Mill Mountain.....6 PM......doesn't get
any more beautiful than this folks.  On top of a mountain, at sunset, with
critters at the ZOO in Roanoke.  Presented by Roanoke Special Events

Saturday, June 12  The Coffee Pot, Roanoke, VA  774-8256

Saturday, June 19....THE RED DOG RIVER SALOON, Fayetteville,
WV.....come take a raft trip, camp under the stars and groove to Radar Rose....check out
Rafting  Resort

Saturday, June 26th....Belly of the Beast, Salem, VA  (540) 387-3539

Sunday, July 4th....FREEDOMFEST!
Our 6th year.  Known for breaking new bands!  Radar Rose and Red Weather join forces once again to make a
large day at Highland Park in Roanoke, (540) 343-5343 for information
and bookings.

Friday July 23.....Hickory Alive!  Hickory, NC

Friday, August 6....Tony's Bourbon St. Oyster Bar in Raleigh, NC
Friday-Saturday August 13-14  (T)  Florabama Club, Orange Beach, AL|
(really good site, check it out!)

Friday, August 20....The Loft, Columbus, GA
Thursday, August 26   The James Center, Richmond, VA
Saturday, September 4....Stickstock!  Watch the web on this one.
Hidden Question:  What's Jane's favorite website?
....but you have to visit it FIRST before you e-mail'll make
you smile.

Friday, September 17th....First Friday's Roanoke, VA

That's enough to drive you crazy for now.  The band is doing great.
We're working on a few new songs and mostly playing our new CD CLICK which is
getting airplay all over the place!!!  To hear some of the cuts go see
us on

Other Radar Rose Links:
dON's UNOFFICIAL's dON, so you know it's wacky and zany!

Encrypted Records....done by artist JEFF EAST with links to his site:

AOL MEMBERS!  Jane and Sonny host a MUSIC CHAT on Mondays at 8 PM in
the Star
City Cafe....cmon in and gab with us!!!!

CLICK CDs $12 ($15 if we mail it to you)
CLICK Mouse Pads $12
CLICK long sleeve Shirts, 100% $20
RR Coffee Mugs $14
4:20 Ladies "BabyDoll" Tshirts $20
4:20 Standard Tshirts $16
RR hats, all cotton, lowriders:  $16
NEW!  Radar Rose Cosmic Americana Rock Tshirts $10
Bumper Stickers $2.50
Lyric Books $5
Magnets $2

As you know, we love you very much.  And if you made it all the way to must love us too!  Thanks for the warm support and for
loving our
music.  Come see us.  Send me e-mail.  Let me know how you are!!

Jane, Sonny, Michael, Anastasia and dON
Radar Rose
(540) 343-5343