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vocals, guitar percussion. simon n'garfunkel, broadway, mary travers, richard bach, clara bow, meatloaf. ...baltimore, md. border state gal virginia raised art mom. business dad. border bohemian gal. shows with brothers "sing or i'll tell on you...", art school dropout, ad in paper for singer, hey this is fun, freakout, move to alabama to find.. i forget.. found music and love and songs, bearded sonny, bands, more bands, covers, originals, move back home... oops, write lots and lots, go to roanoke, mountains get you higher... more songs, found my tribe...


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Soft to the point of untouchable 
flows slowly to keep time with 
the rustling leaves of fall 

Brittle, almost breaking 
swiftly as the gazelle 
Dimly to not hurt your soul 
Brightly to light your awareness 
Blessed with a gift from a 
God to share. 

like the fire within - warming 
your soul - She is the songbird 
to make you feel more than 
you wish and not enough all 
at once - 
Almost reaching the ultimate 
goal - but letting you master 
it - to make it what you 

She is the songbird. 

lifting your spirits and 
encouraging you to soar to 
new horizons. 
Blessed are we, who get 
to experience all that she 
is and all that she 
inspires us to be. 

She is Gabrielle. 

c 1999 Suzanne Fehlberg 
from "Baby, Your Beer is Making the Words on My Bar Napkin Run"