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Radar Rose....Critics Corner

What the critics say:  
"One Dozen Live Roses is a well-recorded, wonderful collection of original songs.. If you get a chance, make time to see this band in concert. It's just a matter of time before someone at a label wakes up and signs them." -Velvet Vernon, Music Monitor, May 1996  

"...If you like the Indigo Girls, Melissa Etheridge, Janis Joplin, Counting Crows, blues, jazz, r&b: If you've got a retro-hippie style, but you listen to the here and now, check out this band." -Chris Henson, Roanoke Times, Feb 95  

" is impossible to capture the essence of Radar Rose with words. Their music is an experience. We all want to change the world. After a couple of sets of Radar Rose, it doesn't seem like an impossible dream."-Vicky Carson, Playgrounds Magazine, Feb. '95  

"this peace love band-on-a mission may be..deserving...the cover of Rolling Stone... a new self-produced CD of original songs, titled "One Dozen Live Roses" ...sounds like Melissa Etheridge meets Jethro Tull meets Indigo Girls meets Dave Mathews.. and it shows the band in its element: in front of an audience, trying to change the world." -Mark Morrison, Roanoke Times, Dec '95.  

"...The group's gift for smoothly blending parts with the beautiful deep soul of Anastasia Mooney's flute and
Don Clifton's sax set it miles apart and above your average band on the rise." 
Bill Croiea.
The Richmond Times Dispatch,
March 97 Richmond VA



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